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Shadow the Hedgehog by Shadow-Boom
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2:00 a.m.

"...*Sigh*...I can't sleep."
The ivory bat had been tossing and turning for the past few hours, unable to think straight. "Shadow. Oh Shadow. What am I going to do with that guy? *sigh* Lately he's been driving me crazy! Who does he think he is? Batman?" Rouge giggled at that remark. Seeing Shadow as Batman just made sense to her and she couldn't help but laugh about the similarities. "If Shadow were Batman, Sonic would be Superman, and Silver would be Green Lantern...nah, it would be more entertaining if he were Robin." she smirked. She was definitely in a better mood setting now. "Now let's see... who would I be...?" Rouge began to brainstorm until she realized what possible answers she could be. "If I were a good guy...nah, being good is no fun. How about a sexy villain?...hmm.... If I were a villain, I would so be Poison Ivy! The girl who uses her charm to get what she wants. But then again...I most certainly am NOT a whore who hands out kisses for free! So no, probably not. How about Cat Woman? Yeah! That's me!" then Rouge got an idea. She rushed to her closet and she opened it wide to reveal a set of costumes and outfits of many styles. Rouge dug around her closet till she found what she was looking for. "Look out Westopiles! A new babe is in town! Batwoman! Here I am! " Rouge was wearing a tight revealing leather outfit which showed off her goddess-like figure. She posed in front of her window and her shadow cast along the floor from the glow of the moon. She began to strut around in her stilettos until she got cocky and slipped and fell. "Owie...."

Meanwhile, a certain black hedgehog had been stargazing on a roof nearby. He stood there, admiring the sky before him. Every sparkle, every twinkle, every breathtaking gleam. The sparkled cloak of black had always helped him think. It gave him peace. The moon outlined his stoic figure, making him a dark luminous sight. Suddenly he heard the commotion of crashing and items falling and breaking. He quickly turned his head on instinct to find he was looking into the open window on the top floor of Club Rouge. Home of his partner and his dearest friend. "What's going on?" he dashed a little closer to the building with his speedy rocket-skates. He stood listening for an indication of what happened. "Owwwww....." he heard a low moan of pain.
"Rouge?" he came closer. So close he was on her roof next to the window of her room. He looked in, surprised by what he found his companion wearing. "Uuummm....." he is speechless and overwhelmed by a weird mixed feeling he couldn't escape, no matter how hard he tried. His face beamed red with blush and embarrassment. He lowered his eyelids half way and a smirk found its way upon his face. He slowly shakes his head, causing his quills to sway in the process. Rouge had fallen and hit her head. Everything to her was blurry and loopy. She looked over to her window
"...Batman?" she said dazed. Shadow grinned
"Maybe." he said playfully. He stepped in on the windowsill and hopped down to the floor of her room. He slowly walked toward her. She looked up in dazed confused wonder at her new found roommate. "Can you help me here?" she said reaching out her hand. Shadow nods, still smiling as her took her hand. "Gladly." he helps her to her feet and meets eye to eye with the enchanting huntress. Shadow had always thought Rouge had the most beautiful eyes. The way they always sparkled and gleamed. Much like the stars. And her personality made her a constellation of her very own. Everything about her was perfect to him. Rouge, dizzy, fell down to her knees. (No doubt overwhelmed by "Batman's" godly presence ;)) Shadow nimbly caught her and she rested on his arm and shoulder. Shadow was worried for a moment but was happy he caught her before she crashed again. He stoked an out of place lock of hair from her half masked face and smiled as he admired her beauty once more.
"Clumsy are we?'" he teases. Shadow then scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to her bed. He genitally lied his ivory goddess upon the bed sheets and grabs a blanket that had been tossed to the floor in her frustrations. Shadow gallantly places it around her. She had officially passed out from the excitement and lie there snoozing. She looked so lovely and tempting he couldn't resist. Shadow then bent down and tenderly kissed her forehead. He returned his lips and stood back in his stature. He crossed his arms looked up at the ceiling. "What am I going to do with you?"
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